Strengths for Positive Change

Professional & Organisational Development

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give that gift away."
Pablo Picasso

The Amplitude Distinctive

Amplitude Consulting was established with the mission of amplifying aptitudes for personal & corporate transformation.

We specialise in identifying the unique strengths and positive core of clients. Our consultants develop solutions that are data-driven to improve engagement and enhance performance.

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What We Do

Amplitude brings expertise in training & development, as well as management consulting experience. 


We customise solutions to meet clients' specific needs. We also deploy a wide range of tools including StrengthsTransform™,
MediaTransform™, StrengthsFinder, Appreciative Inquiry & Strengths Strategy Coaching

Amplitude Solutions

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HR & Professional Development
Organisation Development
Strengths Strategy Coaching
Sales Training


StrengthsTransform™ is a proprietary suite of training, diagnostic & coaching tools integrating StrengthsFinder 2.0®, Strengths-Based Development & Transformational Learning.


The training system has been deployed to train more than 10,000 clients in Singapore since 2013. Participants learn in-depth knowledge of strengths & apply them for personal & organisation transformation.


  • Experience the power of StrengthsTransform™ for your life, your communities & organisations

  • Be certified as a Coach to be a partner in this movement.



MediaTransform™ is the leading suite of programmes & resources powering intervention for cyber wellness & media literacy.

This series of programmes has reached 290,000 students & 16,000 educators & parents between 2012 to 2015.

Media Transform™ comprises the following solutions:

  • Research Consultancy for Media Use

  • Cyber Wellness & Media Literacy Masterclasses

  • Professional Development & Parent Training

  • Student Advocacy Training

  • Personal Mastery & Intervention Programmes

HR & Professional Development

HR & Professional Development

Inquire for our professional development courses:

  1. Employability & Personal Branding with StrengthsFinder®

  2. Management & Supervisory Excellence with StrengthsFinder®

  3. Advanced Strengths-Based Team Leadership & Supervisory Skills

  4. Conflict Management & Constructive Contention Using StrengthsFinder®

  5. Coaching & Mentoring with Strengths

  6. Entrepreneurial Skills for Business Success

  7. DISC, TICS, TEAMS profiles

Organisation Development

Organisational Development, Appreciative Inquiry

Amplitude Consulting specialises in using Appreciative Inquiry to engage organisations for positive change. We use Strengths to discover the positive core of an organisation & engage stakeholders to design & chart the path towards transformational goals.


Amplitude also applies Action Learning to develop reflective practice & critical thinking in work teams.

Strengths Strategy Coaching

Strengths Strategy Coaching

Executive coaching using Strengths Strategy Tools:
(1) Increase personal engagement, performance, productivity
(2) Forge greater interdependence & team synergy


Sales Training

Action Learning Sales Training

Strengths-Based Selling empowers one to tap on your unique strengths to achieve breakthrough results for sales.

Action Learning equips sales teams with the organisational capability & processes to harness collective genius to solve sales challenges & generate solutions.

Clients and Anecdotes

After the coaching, my staff team has a high level of appreciation for one another and is able to call upon the strengths of one another. The strengths training resulted in a much more positive atmosphere among my staff.

Dr. Jonathan Wong,

Owner, Genesis Gym

It is amazing how the Strengths language continues to linger among my company and everyone started to look out for the positive side of others, both colleagues and clients. There is also an obvious keenness and willingness to tap on one another’s strengths to increase one’s performance.

Daryl Ou, Managing Director,

Focus Property Exchange

Some of Our Clients

Transforming individuals, organisations and communities for engagement and well-being.