Strengths-Based Leadership

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Sharpen your leadership skills with StrengthsFinder®.

Clarify your vision for organisational excellence.

Build a collaborative strengths-based culture in your organisation.



Why do people follow important leaders in their life? Gallup’s study of one million work teams and twenty thousand leaders identifies three key characteristics of successful leaders: Knowing one’s strengths & Investing in others’ strengths; Getting people with the right strengths on your team; Understanding and meeting the four basic needs of those who look to you for leadership.

Using Gallup’s best-selling StrengthsFinder® profiling tool, StrengthsTransform™ unpacks the key qualities of an effective leader to positively impact and move the organization towards realizing its fullest potential.


Who Should Attend?

Professionals, Managers, Executives & Technicians (PMETs) & Business Owners seeking to use strengths to manage & supervise staff.

1. How can I meet the basic needs of my followers?

2. How can I use strengths to build a collaborative strengths-based team?


Participants will:

1. Discover and understand your leadership strengths & uniqueness using StrengthsFinder®

2. Understand the four basic needs of followers

3. Integrate strengths-based insights into hiring and deployment

4. Expand on employee’s individual core competencies for collective excellence

5. Understand the strengths-based team & leadership philosophy and apply them to build a positive culture within your organisation

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Participants receive:

• 1x “All 34 Strengths Access” per participant (worth S$ 134)

• Customised “Signature Theme Display” & “Team Strengths Profile”

• 7hr group workshop[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Upcoming Course Dates

[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_tabs style=”modern” shape=”square” active_section=”1″][vc_tta_section title=”1 December 2017″ tab_id=”1511494965925-ab921ad0-0ad9″][vc_column_text]Time: 0900 to 1700hrs

Venue: To be informed

Trainer: Poh Yeang Cherng or Loh Wen Wei

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Client Endorsements


“Learning Point launched an initiative to transition into a strengths-based organisation in December 2013. StrengthsTransform brought good awareness for each individual to operate on their power and edge to work as a team. The Management was particularly pleased with the impact of the team-building sessions. A new strengths-based language was learned and noticeably, staff began to apply their talents at work. They became more appreciative of the unique contributors of others in the team. They claimed their own strengths and set goals to apply them to achieve the company’s objectives. Many have become happier staff.” – Eunice Wee, Director, Learning Point Group


“Before the workshop, I expect my colleagues to understand me. However after the session, I will attempt to understand where my colleagues [are] coming from.” – Dr Tay Ee Guan, Deputy CEO, SingHealth Polyclinics


“Previously I only looked at how to solve the problems with my strengths. Now I look at how to solve the problem by harnessing the team’s strengths. I will say that it was most impactful to see how everyone approaches a problem differently.” – Ong Hong Kiat, Technology Manager, STYL Pte. Ltd.


“The most impactful takeaway was identifying the combination of my strengths that enhances my ability in my scope of work. Before the session, I did not have a good overview of the overall strengths of my organisation. But after the session, I have a clearer view.” – Cavvy Chin, Assistant Director, Learning Design and Technology, National Healthcare Group


“It it good to know my strengths and [that] of those I work with. Before the workshop, I had a vague idea of my strengths. But after the session, I know my strengths and how to work with them.” – Melissa Yong, Assistant Manager, Graduate Medical Education, National Healthcare Group


“It is amazing how the Strengths language continues to linger among my company and everyone started to look out for the positive side of others, both colleagues and clients. There is also an obvious keenness and willingness to tap on one another’s Strengths to increase one’s performance.” – Mr Daryl Ou, Managing Director, Focus Property Exchange


“After the coaching, my staff team has a high level of appreciation for one another and is able to call upon the strengths of one another. The Strengths training resulted in a much more positive atmosphere among my staff.” – Mr Jonathan Wong, Owner, Genesis Gym